On occasion, I do commissioned work. While I am pretty selective on the projects that I decide to take on, I am however, always open for new, fun and unique projects, especially print, so if you have something interesting going on that you think my work might compliment, feel free to get in touch.

Before contacting me about commissions, please be aware that:

I do NOT do likenesses. In other words, if you send me a photo of yourself, wife, gf, etc, I can’t guarantee that it will look exactly like you/them.

I can take basic direction, themes, general look and feel (hair/eye color, hair length, body shape, style of clothing etc) but every piece I do is based on my unique interpretation. I don’t like to feel pressured into making my art look a certain way. It limits my creativity and the fun factor, so if you hire me for a piece, it is based on the understanding that I do it my way.

Basic Rate: My base rate starts at: $1900

This is based on complexity and time involved. All work requires 50% of the payment up front via PayPal & 50% on delivery. When completed, I will send you the hi res file for you to print and frame.

This information pertains to personal use (non-commercial) commissions only. If you would like to commission me to do artwork for commercial purposes, please clarify, so proper licensing and rates can be discussed.

For more information or to inquire about a commission, contact me via email at: seanearleyrocks (at) gmail.com

Commission Examples: